Pentecost to Christ the King 2022

Follow the link below for brief reflections drawn from the Mass readings for each Sunday or feast day through the second half of the liturgical year, beginning on Trinity Sunday (6th June) until Christ the King, the final Sunday of the 2022 liturgical year Sunday 20th November).

As always, we hope they might prompt some thought and prayer about vocations to priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life among parishioners in general, and that they might be shared with young men and women who might be encouraged to consider a vocation to service in the Church. While they can be of use in your parish Bulletin, website or Twitter feed, you might think about sharing them on platforms where young people are more likely to be found, such as Instagram or Tiktok, if your parish uses those platforms. You might just be helping someone to consider whether God might be calling him or her to follow Him in a life of service to the Church. As this is Year C in our liturgical cycle, following the Gospel of Luke for our Sunday Gospels, we continue to use as our overall heading the words of Jesus we find there, spoken to those he is about to call: “Put out into the deep” (Luke 5:4). These words of Jesus to Peter and the other fishermen invite them to trust him, even when things seem unlikely. Afterwards, he calls them to be “fishers of men” and they follow him, despite their initial reservations and sense of unworthiness.

The format in relation to how the contact details are presented make the posts more focussed and streamlined for copying or for posting.

Put out into the deep!

Luke 5:4

Please feel free to copy and paste them into your weekly parish newsletter. Since many parishes have not yet returned to the use of paper for sharing weekely newsletters and bulletins, because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, you might prefer to copy and paste them onto your parish website as a banner message or news item. You might like to to place a link to the page itself on your website, or to use the notes as Facebook posts on or around the relevant Sunday. Some may be a bit long for Twitter, but they can be edited by removing the email link and/or some of the contact information.

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