Thirty Quotes # 8

Thirty Quotes # 8

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“His desire to save us is so strong-that Jesus is willing to lose His life, that we might experience, new life, eternal life”

(Homily for Lent 5-year B- Rev E. Mc Donald.)

Losing your life that others might live. This is the message that Jesus embodied, but it’s also the message that our parents lived by. As a young couple, they sacrificed many things, a social life, new carpets, home decoration, time off work, evenings in together, in order to provide for a new child. In a sense they lost their own lives that we might have a better life. For them it hasn’t stopped, they are still sacrificing for adult children on low incomes, or without work or with a new grandchild on the way. They are losing out on a bit of financial roughness that should have helped them enjoy retirement. Parenting is the way of sacrifice: losing your own life that others might live. It is in this very same context that I see the celibacy that the church demands of our priests. It’s a parenting thing, sacrificing that others might live. It’s a difficult thing, not without its difficulties, frustrations and blurred edges. Celibacy is a liberation for the sake of others. It’s a sacrifice, that others might have you, your time, your love , your involvement, your attention and your energy.  You sacrifice, that others might have your life; that others might have life. Celibacy is a parenting thing, maybe that’s why we are called Father.

Rev. John Campbell

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