“Give Something back.”

Once upon a time, in fact it is not so long ago, there used to be such a thing as the culture of the hero.  The hero was someone who did something exceptional for the sake of the other.  There were sporting heroes, heroes of war, even neighbourhood heroes, and they all had one thing in common; their greatness lay in what they did for others.

Generally speaking, that has been replaced by the culture of the celebrity.  For example, today we have football celebrities who have celebrity wives and girlfriends.  How much of this more recent fad is driven by what is in it for others?  Hardly anything, if anything at all!  The prime motivation in the celebrity culture is “what’s in it for me?” Today, people can occupy a highly esteemed position in society without any desire to give anything back.  All they need is the right set of contacts, or the right break, and suddenly they are a celebrity!

The sadness in all of this is that the culture of celebrity deadens the human spirit.  It dulls the fact that we are not made for ourselves, but for something more than ourselves. It quietens our conscience, and narrows down our consciousness to almost childish proportions. It prevents us from realising the great joy and reward of giving something back, not because of what is in it for me, but because of what it brings to the other.

Would you rather be a hero or a celebrity?  It is not too late for you to discover that heroic voice within yourself.  Whose voice is it anyway?  Is it your voice, or is it God’s voice, or, is it God’s voice and yours in perfect harmony?  What is that voice saying to you?  Perhaps it is time for you to give something back!

Rev. Willie Boyd