Thirty Quotes # 22

Thirty Quotes # 22

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 “That is why I am continually recalling the same truths, even though you already know them and hold firm to them”. 2Peter;12

 The remit of these reflections is to reflect on a text that has changed the person’s life. The quote that I have chosen is just about in that category. What I mean is that once I discovered this quote from the Second letter of St Peter it best summed up what I thought. It was a discovery, it was a moment of “That is what I was trying to say”.

It is a quote that alludes to scripture, the Good News of Jesus Christ. In our worship at Mass Sunday by Sunday we do repeat the same truths, scripture does not change from one liturgical year to the next. It is however a living word and never the same, it calls us to change, conversion and growth, to maturity in faith.

It alludes to the teaching of the church. Through the revelation of scripture and the living Tradition of the Church there are those things that we hold firm to and teach to the world.

It also alludes to a living out of the faith. Yes we know the story; yes we know the content and yes we know what we believe, but there is also a call to live them with our lives. This opens up all the various notions that we have of vocation and service in the Lord’s name. For some we hope and pray that that expression of vocation will be the Diocesan Priesthood.

Peter’s motivation for writing his Pastoral letter is to draw all people to Christ, to strengthen those who already profess their faith and to serve and care for all people in response to the invitation by the Lord to feed His sheep. Hopefully that is that work of all the baptised and especially those who serve as priests.

Rev. Gerard Donnelly

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