Bulletin and Website Notices for Vocations

Sundays in Ordinary Time 2019: Weeks 14 – 34

As we did in the earlier part of 2019, we continue to offer here some short reflections for each Sunday and major feast day for the remainder of the year. 

Taking as their starting point some element of the day’s Scripture readings, in particular the Gospel of Luke which guides us through this Liturgical Year, they offer a reflection question for anyone who might be thinking – however loosely! – about the possibility that God might be calling them to priesthood or religious life.  Indeed, they can be relevant for anyone considering any kind of vocation in the Church priesthood, whether diocesan, religious or missionary, consecrated life, or diaconate.

Please feel free to copy and paste these brief reflections into your weekly parish newsletter or other publications. You may want to copy and paste them onto your parish website as a banner message or news item, to place a link to the page as a whole from your website, or to use them as Facebook posts on or around the relevant Sunday.

(Note: Some of the texts are a little too long to serve as Twitter posts, but they can be edited by removing the email contact and some of the repeated contact information as desired.)

Below are the first two suggested posts.  The rest can be found here.

14th Sunday of the Year – July 7th 2019

“The harvest is rich, but the labourers are few.” Could you be one of those Jesus sends to preach the kingdom and bring his healing, as a priest, religious or deacon? Call your Diocesan Vocations Director, or email Priests for Scotland at office@pfs.org.uk. See www.priestsforscotland.org.uk or visit our Facebook page.

15th Sunday of the Year– July 14th 2019

“The Word is very near to you; it is in your mouth and in your heart.” Perhaps you feel a desire to share God’s word with others. If you feel you may be called to the priesthood or religious life, call your Diocesan Vocations Director, or email Priests for Scotland at office@pfs.org.uk.  See www.priestsforscotland.org.uk or visit our Facebook page.

Click here for the page where you will find all the prompts for the Sundays and feasts through the weeks of Ordinary Time until the Feast of Christ the King 2019.

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