To be a priest in Scotland today is “a life worth living” and a path worth taking.

The invitation to “make disciples of all the nations” is a command to each one of us: the fact of our Baptism as Christians means God has already called us to serve him, the Church and our world in some way or another.  For many, this will be lived out in marriage, family or a pathway of work, career or voluntary service.  For others, it will mean a life given over to a particular consecration, to prayer, apostolate or missionary work.

For others, however, it will be an invitation to serve God and the Church as priests - for some within a congregation which has a particular "charism", gift or mission, and for others within the life of a local diocesan community, serving the People of God in the communities where they live and work, preaching the Gospel, administering the Sacraments, building up a sense of common life and care for the poor, the sick and the vulnerable, as well as helping form families and young people in faith and the values of the Gospel.

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Could this be a life to which God is calling you?  Are you already perhaps thinking about becoming a priest? Do you feel somewhere inside yourself a desire to serve God and his People, perhaps in Diocesan Priesthood?

This site offers information and resources to help you in your process of discernment.

Please feel free to browse the site and contact the Priests for Scotland office if you would like more information or the opportunity to discuss the Lord's call.