11th-18th September 2022

Vocations in the Light of the Eucharist

Each year, the Church in Scotland invites us to reflect on the theme of “vocation”. We consider what call God is making to each of us, and how we are responding to it and on the various calls to serve the Church itself – in forms of ministry, in diaconate, in consecrated life and in priesthood. And we pray that many young men and women might hear the call to follow Christ and to serve his people in one of those life-long commitments.

This past year, our bishops wrote a Pastoral Letter to us reminding us of the importance of the Eucharist in our lives as individuals and as parishes. Following the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, when our churches were closed and we were unable to come together, we realised just how important the celebration of Mass is for us, how important it is for us to come together to pray and to be able to receive the sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood. We realised in a new way just how special and unique a gift it is, and how important to our lives of faith the experience of coming together to celebrate our faith really is.

So, this year, our focus for Vocations Awareness Week is quite simply the Eucharist and the way in which it expresses God’s invitation to us to live as a family of faith and love, united in Jesus and nourished by him through this great sacrament to help us live out our shared baptismal call to be his disciples and to live as God’s children. But we also reflect on the nature of the vocation to serve Christ and the Church in Holy Orders, particularly in the priesthood, which God gives the Church in order to continue the saving sacrifice of Jesus through the Mass and to share with us his life in the sacraments.

As always, there are resources available to use with young people during this Vocations Awareness Week, in upper primary classes, secondary R.E. classes or in youth groups.

Click here for our Vocations Awareness Week 2022 page, where you can find all the resources you need.