Thirty Quotes # 4

Thirty Quotes # 4

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No-one has ever seen the world through your eyes before.

Designer labels, iconic brands, (mass) media and social networking all help to encourage us to think the same way, to spend the same way, to value (and under-value) so many things – in exactly the same way. If you’re not on-message, if you’re not ‘photo-copying’ what the crowd wants to go with, not only are you different, but you can be made to feel quite ‘out of it’, a bit odd. And yet…. we actually need to be, to recognise that all of us are, in fact, a bit different, or to use another word, ‘unique’. There is something wonderful in that. Because of that difference, I have something to offer, and I have lots to receive from, and appreciate in others. By hiding behind the same labels and brands, we can make it so difficult to appreciate the gifts that each individual can have. A well known Scottish poet, Kenneth Steven, put it this way:

“(We have the capacity) To take the brokenness and make it new, to see the familiar and the dull and the taken-for-granted with new eyes each morning. And I have learned that it can be in a few square feet, for small things matter; that God is as much in them as he is present in the great.”

Today, I have the chance to look at so many things, so many people – in a new way, in the way Jesus would look at them. If I try to do that, then I’ll know how to do what Jesus would do in these situations. I can become Christ-like. Nothing is ever really déjà vu.

Fr. John Hughes

Quotation taken from p.66 in Making the Known World New, Kenneth Steven 2009, St. Andrew Press, Edinburgh, ISBN 978 97152 08823

  1. Date: October 24, 2012
    Author: Paul

    I’ve only recently set up a Twitter account to allow me to access the quotes. I’m finding the quotes really worthwhile. Thanks again.


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