Thirty Quotes # 19

Thirty Quotes # 19

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“Love is not something reserved for important matters, but must be exercised above all in the ordinary circumstances of daily life.” (Gaudium et Spes 38.)

It began in the usual manner, over to the church around 7.30am; see the workers as they leave their Lenten Service at 7.40am. In to Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, breakfast at 8.30am, Morning Prayer in the church at 9.10am and then Mass at 9.30am. Then it was off to one of our primary schools, class by class, story by story, joke by joke, “so you know me Father,” a child declares, “yes Karen” a delighted smile dawns, and a child is drawn closer to her parish family. Lunch, then home visits, Monday’s funeral, Wednesday’s funeral. Stories told, humour shared, facts checked, sermon beginning to form, in my head. Prayers said and onto visit the sick. A man anointed and received communion, his cancer taking its toll, another victim of this Viagra terrible disease, a woman this time. Communion celebrated and shared with her sister. They are delighted at my surprise visit, as they are just back from the hospital, and they’ve just got the dreaded news. “It’s just like you to appear when your most needed Father, its uncanny” A tearful celebration of Holy Communion, a tangible celebration of their love for Christ, his Church and his priest. Faith at its best. The day was full of the ordinary, but it was an extraordinary day. In the ordinary daily round, I know in my head, I do this out of love for Christ and his people. But in the ordinary daily round it was actually myself who experienced this love, I felt loved,  I felt needed and  I felt affirmed. In the car going home, I smiled and thought, “This is a great way to live; this is just the best job in the world”

Fr. John Campbell

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