Thirty Quotes # 15

Thirty Quotes # 15

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“Fix your eyes upon him”

(Pope Benedict XVI to Seminarians 20 VIII 2011)

 “Fix your eyes upon him who through his incarnation is the supreme revelation of God to the world and through his resurrection faithfully fulfils his promise”. (Pope Benedict XVI to Seminarians 20 VIII 2011) In speaking to seminarians the Pope returned again and again to the figure of Christ as the one who is to be the model for the seminarians in terms of their call and their growth in vocation towards priesthood. One of the first steps in recognising a call to priesthood is the ability to see ourselves in a real relationship with Christ. A relationship which makes us want to spend more time with him and in doing so we find ourselves listening to what his call holds for us, what he is asking of us and we see how he is helping us to respond. By fixing our eyes on him we become aware of the mystery of God and the part that we are being asked to play in bringing Christ to the people of our day. As we become more fully aware of the generosity of God in giving his Son to be the Saviour of the world, and our saviour, then we become more filled with the zeal to do our part in making that salvation known.

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