Thirty Quotes # 11

Thirty Quotes # 11

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“Christ continues to call young disciples…face this challenge without anxiety or mediocrity” (Pope Benedict XVI to Seminarians 20 VIII 2011)

 Christ continues to call, his voice is not silent: but the call that Christ makes to priesthood is a challenge, the radical call to live the message of the Gospel. When this call is made, for those who receive it, nothing else will satisfy. When this call is made then no matter how difficult it might seem to respond to it, how challenging to accept it, “God gives the right grace to face and overcome the challenges with love and realism” (Pope Benedict XVI to Seminarians 20 VIII 2011). This is why there need be no anxiety: the call may seem to us to be beyond our ability, but if it is God who calls then he will also provide the grace needed to give the response that He desires of us. The call will also find us responding in a whole-hearted way, without any trace of mediocrity. For in this call we seek to be modelled completely on Christ, to identify with him in such a way that we find ourselves filled with joy, yet humble in the face of such a task. For those called then, this is the path that Christ has chosen for them through which they will fulfil their calling to be his Saints. Christ calls…face the challenge!

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