Thirty Quotes to Change Your Life.
Quote #1

(The Lord) does not treat us according to our sins nor repay us according to our faults. (Psalm 102:10)

 Here’s a question: how important are people’s faults and bad qualities? I suppose the answer to the question depends whose faults we are talking about. When it’s our own faults we’re talking about, we hope that they do not really represent the real person; when it’s other people’s faults, we’re more inclined to conclude that what we see on the outside is a good reflection of what is going on in the inside! Or perhaps deep down we fear that the opposite is true, and that we are really defined by our faults! Maybe we are afraid we are in denial about the true significance of our faults, our sins!

So could a quote change our minds – or our fears on that score? If any quote can do this, it’s this. This one doesn’t mess about; it tells us exactly what God thinks about our sins – or even more to the point, it tells what God will do (or rather will NOT do) about our sins. The result is a major surprise; it tells us something about God that few would expect to hear!

How does God respond to sinners and their sins? What does God think of human beings who have faults (i.e. all human beings!)? The answer is disarmingly simple: “(The Lord) does not treat us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our faults.” If I ever came across a quote which could change my life, it is this one, because if I can take on board how fully God dismisses (forgives) my sins and how readily he overlooks my faults, I can break free from the feeling that I am defined by them! If I am not controlled by my faults, then I am free to respond to God’s love: now that’s what I call life changing!

Rev. Robert Hill

Psalm 102:10. The Psalms, a New Translation, Collins, Fontana Book, Glasgow and London, 1963