Vocations Awareness Week 2020

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13th - 20th September 2020

2020 has proven to be a very strange year for all of us, from lockdowns to closed schools, to cancelled holidays and working from home. We have been forced to reconsider some of our priorities and to think about what is truly important for us, to consider in a new way how we live as communities, families and parishes. For many, the months of shielding and isolation were very painful and many families faced the heart-ache of separation from elderly relatives, or from children and grandchildren. The need to reach out and care for others - or simply to think of others when we make our own choices - has never been more important.

Parishes too have had to re-invent things we all used to take for granted: prayer together, the celebration of Sacraments, our Sunday Mass. We'ev had to make greater use of online resources, live streaming, Youtube and parish websites for communicating the Gospel, gathering people in prayer and keeping in touch with those who are most isolated. In many ways, it has never been a more tiring, challenging, painful, exciting, collaborative, creative time to be a priest!

This year's Vocations Awareness Week, therefore, draws its theme directly from the richest source of our faith: the teaching of Jesus himself, looking at the very basic tools he used to share the message of God's Kingdom: Parables.

In particular, we reflect on parables of discovery (such as the treasure in the field, the coin lost and found) and of faithfulness (such as the parable of the dishonest servant). In these teachings of Jesus, we see that our vocation, our call, is to discover what God has planted deep within us for our happiness and joy, and to respond to it, to cherish it, and to live faithfully by it.

For some, that "treasure" is the gift of a call to serve the People of God and his world as a priest, a deacon or in religious life. For all of us, it is a call to serve God and each other with love, with generosity and with compassion. These are things whose value we have rediscovered this year in all sorts of ways.

As each year, "Priests for Scotland" has produced some resources for use by schools and youth groups (age range s1 - s4 or above). Click on the image at the top or here to see more and to access the materials available.

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Thinking Vocations for 2020

Thinking Vocations for 2020

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Bulletin and Website Notices for Vocations

Trinity Sunday to Christ the King 2020

This page offers brief reflections drawn from the readings for Mass from the Sundays and major feast days in the second half of 2020.

We hope they can prompt some thought and prayer about vocation to priesthood or religious life. While parishes have been unable to provide the usual bulletins and notices due to church closures over these months, we hope that you can use them online, on parish publications on your website, parish Twitter feeds or Facebook pages. An occasional or weekly post may be sufficient to help someone who may be considering whether God might be calling him or her to follow Him in a life of service to the Church.

Below, you can find the "prompts" for the first two Sundays after Pentecost (Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi). For the remaining Sundays of the year, click here.

If you are using Twitter or Facebook, you might consider using the hashtag #ThinkVocations2020. Why not get it "trending" this year!

(Note: The texts here contain hyperlinks which may not be replicated in a "cut-and-paste" operation.)

Be generous in casting the net!

Trinity Sunday -- 7th June 2020
“God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son.” Could you be someone who brings people knowledge of God's love as a priest, a deacon or in religious life? Call your Diocesan Vocations Director, email Priests for Scotland at office@pfs.org.uk, or see our website or Facebook pages, PFS or VocationNetworkScotland.

Body and Blood of the Lord ("Corpus Christi") -- 14th June 2020
“Anyone who does eat my flesh and drink my blood has eternal life.” There is no greater gift of God than the Eucharist. Are you being called to bring God's people the nourishment of the Eucharist as a priest? Is it the source of your own life? Call your Diocesan Vocations Director, email Priests for Scotland at office@pfs.org.uk, or see our website or Facebook page.

Click here for the page where you will find all the prompts for Sundays and feasts after Pentecost 2020 as far as the Solemnity of Christ the King in late November.

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Vocations Awareness Week  2019

Vocations Awareness Week 2019

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Vocations Awareness Week 2019

8th - 15th September 2019

Each year, the Church in Scotland sets aside this week as a time for parishes and schools to reflect on the idea of vocation - whether the vocation each of us has as baptised Christians to live our faith or the specific vocation some have in the Church to live and work as priests, deacons or in some form of religious life.

In a special way, we invite our Catholic schools and our parish youth ministries and groups to help our young people to reflect on and explore what their vocation in life might be: "to what is God calling me?"

To help with this, we provide each year a guiding theme with some ideas and materials to focus our reflections.

This year, Vocations Awareness Week takes as its theme a phrase from St Paul's Letter to the Ephesians: "We are God's work of art" (see Eph 2:9).

With these words, St Paul invites us to consider how God has made us and called us to live the "true life" he has planned for us, a life modelled on and guided by Jesus. In many ways, this is nothing more than a call to live our true vocation, our true calling, faithful to the plan God had in mind for us when he first created us.

So, young people are being invited to reflect on how they might see themselves as God's "work of art": how do they think God calls them? what gifts or talents has he given them to use and how are they using them? how are they discovering their "true selves"? how are they giving of themselves and their gifts to others? In short, we invite reflection on what it takes to be the kind of person God wants me to be, and how, for some, that might mean thinking about a vocation to priesthood or religious life of some kind.

For more, and to download the materials for 2019, click here or on the image below.

Click the image for the schools materials for "Vocations Awareness Week" 2019

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