Social Media Resources

Using Social Media in a Parish: Some Resources

A few books, tips and other resources for building the parish’s online presence and making use of available social media platforms. We hope to add to this page as other resources become available or are made known to us.

Clarissa Valbueana Aljentera, “The Parish Guide to Social Media: How Social Networking Can Recharge your Ministry” (Twenty-Third Publications, 2013) A simple yet useful guide to using some of today’s most popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) for general communication, activities, catechesis and evangelisation. From £5-£10 print edition.

Meredith Gould, “The Social Media Gospel: Sharing the Good News in New Ways” (Liturgical Press, 2nd Edition 2015) An exploration of the use and implications of social media in parsh ministry, with some theological thoughts, practical advice and ideas for integrating digital media into existing parish structures as well as finding new ways to think of outreach, evangelisation, image and communication. Includes the helpful reminder that the parish Priest doesn’t have to be the expert (or even an expert), but should be willing to colaborate with those in their parish who are (and many of them are found among the younger parishioners)! Around £12 print or Kindle edition.

David T. Bourgeois, “Ministry in the Digital Age: Strategies and Best Practices in a Post-Website Age” (IVP, 2013) Perhaps more useful for those already familiar with online resources, or for those who already have a parish website but feel the need for more, this book gives some useful background in the various media available and how they are used. In turn, this helps provide some practical tools and ideas for their use within a church setting. How do we communicate beyond the parish bulletin? Is a static website enought when we want to reach out to people? What could a parish be doing? Around £12 print and Kindle edition.

Do you know of any helpful resources for those looking to develop their online presence and activity? Perhaps you have developed some resources or have had some good experiences in this area you’d be willing toshare with others.

Contact us and share what you know!