Ever thought of composing a song about “vocation” – of whatever kind, marriage, priesthood, consecrated life, or simply the call to follow Christ? Here is a website for you, and an international competition too!

Set up in Austria in 2019, but now also present in various cuontries including Ireland and the U.K., the “Vocations Music Award” is an invitation to young (and not so young!) people to use music to explore and express their experiences and thoughts about the call God has placed deep in their hearts and how they long to discern, respond to and live it as fully as they can.

Uploading the song, and a video to accompany it (a simple one – no need for elaborate studio effects and editing) lets users participate in an annual competition, or to vote on their favourites from this year’s entries. At the end of the summer, the entries with most votes are awarded their prizes – and they’re not insignificant!

A kind of “Vocations Eurovision Song Contest”? Perhaps, but a lovely way to express yourself and to share both your reflections and your creativity, or at least to share in the reflections and creativity of entrants from around Europe.

Curious? Click the links for more infomation or to see (and vote for) the entries from various countries or from Ireland and the U.K.

For the international page (which gives access to the songs from the various countries), click here

For the U.K. and Ireland page, click here.

Below is the winning song from the 2019 competition (with a video made after the competition was finished)