Vocations Awareness Week 2016 – Schools

Click the links below for the classroom materials for use in schools to support reflection, discussion and learning during Vocations Awareness Week (11th – 18th September 2016).

For each year group, there is a teacher’s guide/planning tool, a booklet for use of pupils where convenient and an accompanying Powerpoint presentation for classroom use.


S1 Lesson Plan    Sdtcchc Prayeriii1 Pupil Booklet       Also: S1 Powerpoint

S2 Lesson Plan    S2 Pupil Booklet      Also: S2 Powerpoint

S3 Lesson Plan    S3 Pupil Booklet      Also: S3 Powerpoint

S4 Lesson Plan    S4 Pupil Booklet      Also: S4 Powerpoint

S5 Lesson Plan    S5 Pupil Booklet      Also: S5 Powerpoint

S6 Lesson Plan    S6 Pupil Booklet      Also: S6 Powerpoint