Bishop John Keenan, the bishop of Paisley and President of ‘Priests for Scotland’, has issued his annual video reflection and invitation to “consider priesthood” this year.

He invites us to consider people who inspire us in life, “dreamers” whose vision and whose lives help us to imagine the world as it could be or who help us to recognise Jesus present in our world, showing us how we too can live the Gospel in our day. God has a vision for our world and for each of our lives which the Bishop invites us to explore. That vision is preached and lived out in the lives of priests, often in very ordinary moments of accompaniment, of pastoral care, of exploration of the Gospel or of Church teaching. Such moments inspire us to be better disciples of Christ. The invitation then is simple: what does God “dream for you”? What is his plan for you? And could you be someone who helps others to discover God’s plan for our world through a life of service, prayer and dedication in priesthood?

Perhaps 2023 is the year in which you begin to explore what God has in store for you and how you might respond to that vision, that plan for you through discernment of your vocation in life, in the Church and in the world.

Consider God’s plan for you. Consider how you might respond to it. Consider priesthood as a real possibility for you or someone you know.