Bishop John Keenan, the bishop of Paisley whose remit also takes in ‘Priests for Scotland’, has issued an invitation to “consider priesthood” in 2022.

As the whole Church is asked to reflect on the idea of “synodality” and what it means for us, the bishop suggests that the “walking together” it implies might be an implicit invitation to some to accompany God’s people on their journey as priests. Priests “walk with their people” every day and in all the circumstances of their lives, from birth to death, through moments of great joy and moments of great grief.

Now above all, as we emerge from a pandemic which has exhausted us, separated us and taken loved ones from us, we need our priests to be with us, to guide us and to bring us the consoling and energising message of the Gospel and the presence and power of Jesus in the sacraments.

Could this be your calling as we walk forward together?